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Nickel Token ($NICKEL) is a completely decentralized and community-driven token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This is a celebrity backed BEP-20 token that will connect entertainers, artists, athletes, and content creators to their fans through NFT blockchain technology.

The contract, which has carefully thought-out tokenomics, is backed by a development team that has the experience needed to properly operate the smart contract with nothing but the success of the project benefiting holders in mind.

Since the inception of Nickel Token, the development team focused on creating a professional protocol backed by not only a well-designed smart contract, but also a strong community. This is in addition to the marketing capabilities that are enhanced by already having a “Star-Powered” backing by Leslie Baker, aka Stanley from “The Office”, and Sardar Khan. Finally, the expertise of the team behind Nickel Token is carefully crafted to ensure holders are rewarded.

Nickel Token is a token that combines the positive aspects of other successful “buyback” tokenomics with the hype of strong “meme” potential. When analyzing tokens with buyback protocols, the developers of Nickel Token were wanting to ensure they had the ability to manually action a buyback.

The buyback feature for Nickel Token is manually controlled, eliminating the loophole created by an auto buyback protocol that was exploited by bots. The development team can monitor the progress of the token and decide when to implement the buyback protocol manually when they see more sales than buys. They can then turn this feature off once the token has begun to stabilize again. The funds for the buybacks will come from revenue generated by use cases related to various Nickel Token projects, including NFT’s, volume generated rewards and staking when that phase of development is reached.