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SACK is the high-level holder’s token that every crypto investor must include in their wallet.

Our team believes that the uniqueness of a token expresses itself in the benefits cryptocurrency investors receive for holding certain tokens. Moon Sack aims to introduce ground-breaking changes from holding it’s token. The foremost of these is the 9% holders reward fee that is distributed with each transaction. The fee discourages downward volatile price movement and incentivizes investors to reap the full benefits of the token, instead of merely viewing Moon Sack as a short term financial investment. This feature can generate life changing passive income for our HODLERS.

The tokenomics of SACK are as follows: Holders Reward Fee : +1% even dividend per transaction Deflation/Burn Fee : 6% Future NFT & Project Development Fee : 1% Liquidity pool: 5% of each transaction will be locked into a liquidity pool Liquidity locked for 10 years.

How Many SACK Coins Are There in Circulation?

Moon Sack launched its token on November 15, 2021 with 500 billion SACK tokens created at genesis. 0% of additional supply will be issued as SACK is a purely deflationary asset. The lack of addition will not come at the sacrifice of benefits or rewards, as each transaction yields an evenly distributed 1% of transaction fees are paid out to token holders, while 6% of said transactions are burned. There is no holding or staking period for which an investor needs to hold SACK before starting to receive holders benefits.

Who Are the Founders of Moon Sack?

Moon Sack is a process that has been in the works for almost 2 years, founded by Gwen Holloway, and Greg Watkins.

Where Can I Buy Moon Sack (SACK)?

SACK is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, though is currently most accessible at pancakeswap (