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230,859,346 MBASE
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230,859,346 MBASE
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230,859,346 MBASE
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Oct 05, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Mar 05, 2024 (a month ago)
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About Minebase

Minebase is a token that is created through fees There are 250 million Minebase tokens in total. Everyone who sends a Coin in the Crypto Network, has to pay transaction fees. These existing fees are used to create the Minebase token. 45 million of these tokens were distributed to users through a bonus program All other Minebase Tokens are only created by fees...No one has to invest anything. We call this process CTP Creative Token production. The starting CTP price of the token is $6.50 So there must be $6.50 in fees for the token to be created The token can only be created by CTP. Anyone can register their own wallet address with Minebase (maximum 5) the fees will be charged until 6.50 is reached to create a token. Furthermore, the user can deposit tokens in the Minebase wallet. From 10 tokens the user automatically receives a wallet to create the token. (Maximum 20 wallets with 550 tokens that have to be deposited. All fees that these wallet addresses have will be credited to the user. With an Algorithm the CTP price increase. Starts at $6.50 up to $793.000. The more tokens are created the higher the price will be.
Period of time POT Is an advantage program. Anyone can use this program. We want to reach people who have not had any contact with cryptocurrencies. The user receives 26 cents an hour 4% of $6.50. After 25 hours he receives a Minebase token. Price stabilization If the price on the exchange falls more than 10%, 0.025% of the total volume of unissued tokens is burned. From the CTP price of $131 there is a reward program for all users. Every time the CTP price increases, users who own a silver gold or platinum wallet will receive free tokens. Minebase Ecosystem STAKING MINEBASE Partner Company streakk INTERCONNECTED WALLET This upgrade gives you the possibility to dock to other users who have 20 wallet addresses. This means that you can participate in another 20 wallet addresses. It is possible to dock to a maximum of 5 users.

Games / Burning program The website will offer games in the future. Play to earn The token is used for payment. e.g. competition games 10% of the tokens that are in the game are burned NFT If the user buys a NFT with Minebase Tokens, he gets an additional advantage in the Minebase system. As the CTP price increases by an algorithm, the user with the NFT value (e.g. 100 Minebase tokens) can buy the Minebase token for half the price for these 100 tokens.

CTP Token Burning system

Starting September 9, 2022, our CTP system will receive a major upgrade. The Minebase token is created by fees from the entire crypto network. In order to keep the token stable in the long term we have created a combustion formula of the Minebase token.

Formula Creation fees price + Created tokens (price) : 4= Sum This sum is divided by the current token price. (These tokens are burned) This process is done monthly.

Minebase CTP linked to Exchanges The CTP price Will be linked to the exchange. This means there is a difference between CTP price and exchange price. If the exchange price is lower than the CTP price, the CTP price will increase by this difference. It is about creating a balance between the stock exchange and our CTP system Example. If the exchange price is 4 dollars and the CTP price is 6.50 $, the difference is 2.50 $. The CTP price will increase by this 2.50 $. So now they have to reach $9 to create a token. Conversely, the exchange price is higher than the CTP. In this case, the CTP price will fall by the difference. For example, the CTP price is at $6.50 and the exchange price is at $8.50 then the CTP price drops by two dollars to $4.50.