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472,096,928 MMUI
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984,596,928 MMUI
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1,000,000,000 MMUI
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Sep 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dec 23, 2022 (a year ago)
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About MetaMUI

About MetaMUI

MetaMUI aims to establish a novel paperless, decentralized, global financial infrastructure, intending to supplant the credit-based economic system with a crowd-investment-based model. This endeavor seeks to create an equitable and sustainable economic paradigm accessible to all.

What problem MetaMUI is trying to solve?

MetaMUI is an identity-based meta-blockchain that uniquely solves the digital currency design trilemma of privacy, identity, and programmability. By decentralizing identity and multi-ledger mechanisms, MetaMUI uniquely positions itself as an enabler of privacy-preserving digital currency that is fully compliant with financial regulations. MetaMUI is the first peer-to-peer digital cash that can confirm the transaction without requiring either blockchain consensus or the mediation of a central server.

MetaMUI's targe market

MetaMUI aimed to become market leader in no-coding, blockchain-as-a-service(BAAS) market. This market is expected to grow from US$4.8 billion in 2022 to US$147.4 billion in 2030. Most of market leaders require custom-development of blockchain. Only Avacloud provide no-coding dApp development. However, since they do not provide identity blockchain, the user of Avacloud has to built their own custom identity system. This requires a lot of coding and defying the purpose of no-coding dApp platform. MetaMUI provide all-in-one no-coding dApp platform, including both identity blockchain and token blockchain, and corresponding identity wallet and token wallet.

MetaMUI token economy

MetaMUI is a completely new 4th generation blockchain, aim to provide sustainable token economy. First of all, MetaMUI has built-in service model to support sustainability of the project itself. MetaMUI provide no-coding meta-blockchain service so that anyone can create their own blockchain and build dApp on top of it. The service user have to pay service fees to MetaMUI’s bank nodes for various services. This service income will be stored in MetaMUI’s treasury account and this will become a source to sustain the value of MetaMUI coin in the future.

The services include: * Membership in the Governance Council, * Creation of New Parachains, * Cloud System Fee, * Implementation of Paid Services, * Issuance of Tradable Certificates (TC), * Issuance of Fractionalized TC, * Issuance of Verifiable Credentials (VC), * Resetting of Private Keys, * Conversion of Tokens, * Atomic Swap, * Signing of Contracts, * Registration of Digital Identity, * Transfer of MetaMUI, among others.

MetaMUI competitive advantage

MetaMUI’s profit model is providing no-coding platform for blockchain and dApp development. For this, Avalanche’s Avacloud is a direct competitor. MetaMUI has advantage in a point that we provide both identity blockchain and token blockchain. For real world service with Avacloud, the user have to implement identity service on top of that. Avalanche’s subnet, Polkadot & substrate’s parachain, and Cosmos’ custom blockchain technologies are also in competition. They have the same drawback of lack of decentralized identity service in their product offering.

For CBDC(Central Bank Digital Currency) and cross-border payment, Ripple is our competition. Ripple does not provide identity and identifier service to the bank. They also don’t have offline payment technologies.

For Asset tokenization and collateralization, Chainlink can provide competitive feature. Chainlink does not provide issuer identity verification and signed certificate for asset verification.

For peer-to-peer, offline payment, hardware-based payment system providers are in competition. MetaMUI’s Chained Cash can be used right away with hardware security feature that is currently available in Android and iOS devices.

For P2P Carbon Offset trading, Klima provides competitive service. Klima does not provide blockchain based certificate for Carbon Offset purchase and retirement.

For Asset tokenization and NFT market, Ethereum and Enterprise Ethereum is in competition. Ethereum can not provide identity verification of issuer and identity-based transfer of ownership.

For Self-Sovereign Idetntity, Evernym and Soverin Foundation is in competition. Soverin system does not provide token blockchain associated with identity blockchain. Therefore, it can not provide atomic swap of asset and the payment.