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✓ MetaElfLand found that E-Sports on-chain games are merely undeveloped in the market and we decide to explore this treasure. With the assistance of our Professional Actuary Members, MetaElfLand will be able to provide a long lasting, fair and exciting E-Sports mechanism to our player all over the world.

✓ Not only just for fun or earning, players can widely take adventure in MetaElfLand through PVE, PVP, and TMT(E-Sports)-The Metaverse Tournament. Players buy tickets to join TMT, while all ticket revenues go to the grand prize pool. At the end, the champion wins and exclusively gets the 80% award from the grand prize pool, and the jackpot effect could be far more exciting than we can imagine.

✓ Our partners and investors includes dealean capital/polaris incubator/unionblock vc/eva trading/magnetvc/EPB capital/superlabs/cbzn. There are many more members/ventures to be disclosed on the way.