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What Is Meta Brawl (BRAWL)?

The team over at Meta Brawl are creating a play-to-earn nft game with the possibility to customize your characters with 10,000 in-game Brawler Skins consisting of 6 different Characters, each with its own abilities and weaknesses. Players can fight other brawlers in a variety of game modes such as Friendly, Ranked, Tournaments, and Special Game Modes.

Players can additionally Earn $BRAWL and Brawler Skins by winning in both ranked and tournament games. The possibilities of earning monetary rewards while playing Meta Brawl seem to be endless!

The marketplace within the website is where Brawler Skins can be traded directly. (All transactions are paid out in $BRAWL)

Play To Earn!

Play to Earn Rewards amount to 35,000,000 of $BRAWL tokens, 35% of the total token supply are reserved for the Play to Earn Rewards pool within MetaBrawl. This is the largest allocation of tokens, as Play to Earn is the key value proposition of Meta Brawl. With this reward pool, they aim to attract a large group of active players to participate in the Meta Brawl ecosystem. A fixed amount of $BRAWL tokens will be allocated into a variety of Play to Earn game modes, these will include: Daily token rewards, weekend ranked rewards, Tournaments, Seasonal Rewards, and other unique game modes which will help reward players with tokens.

How Many BRAWL Tokens Are There in Circulation?

There is a maximum supply of 100 Million BRAWL— but at the time of writing, there was a circulating supply of about 30 Million.