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Meme Games is the first meme-driven NFT gaming ecosystem made up of MGAMES token and Meme Games collectibles – a combination of NFT trading cards, augmented reality and blockchain.

MEME GAMES GO! Th first decentralised, NFT-integrated augmented reality game powered by Meme Games Studio.

Combine playing experience with your favourite Memes, store them in your MemeDex and trade with others players as unique NFT cards! Combine cards to gain levels, convert cards to crypto, trade with anyone, sell on multiple platforms, rent cards to other players

Play-to-Earn: Meme Games Go! gives rewards to the players who are out gaming by tracking their step count and converts it into $MGAMES token!

MEME GAMES BATTLEFIELD! PVP battles are a chance for you to dominate the entire MemeGames League and win prizes. The more unique and powerful your character is, the more profit you earn.