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In a nutshell, let’s see how it will work for Alice and Bob, who decides to join Marscolony as a member:

Alice plans to settle in Marscolony. She can claim land to become a virtual landlord or choose an area she wants to reside in. → Virtual residence

Alice can connect with her neighbors and explore the world together. They can build facilities on the planet (aka space colony), play gamified missions together (aka Dune), and interact virtually, forming connections, like in the real world. → Society creation & engagement

As she joins Marscolony, all her on-chain interactions (NFTs owned, projects interacted with) are included in her profile, and she can see them in her virtual cabinet. She can revisit previous projects she interacted with directly from her world. → on-chain activities

Alice can also see the whole blockchain world in 3d. Think of it as Defillama expressed as a 3d city where protocols (e.g. Uniswap) are 3d buildings on it. Alice can browse this city, and explore the blockchain world visually. (Blockchain visualization)

The land plot that Alice owns gives her rights to drive decisions in Marscolony’s virtual world, so Alice can directly govern the project or assign governors to represent her. → Direct democracy

In Marscolony, Alice can join the labor market. Jobs posts will be provided by other users who join the project. For example, Bob joins Marscolony and is looking for a marketer on a part-time basis. Bob can hire Alice through Marscolony. Once Alice completes work, her pay is transferred to her from a smart contract. → On-chain work

Alice and Bob earn a reputation through performing work and other activities within Marscolony. All such activities are recorded on the blockchain, and any other project can utilize such a reputation. → Reputation