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Introduction LuxeRacing was founded under the basis of creating a real-feel FT GameFi experience. Players can not only utilize their tokens and NFT's recreationally or for matter of earning, but TRULY feel their FT both inside and out. From fealing the raw power of your virtual vehicle, to experiencing the luxury involved down to the smallest of details such as the shine of a brand new leather.

Brought to you by a professional team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts, with versatile experience in a multitude of industries allowing LuxeRacing to become a product of meticulous development, true technological innovations, and mass marketability.

LuxeRacing NFT's Regularly Released NFT Content Sets (Cars, Upgrades, Char) In-Game Compatability, Customizable, Upgradeable NFT Purchases via Auction at an affordable price Secondary Markets for resales based on rarity & in-game performance.

The LuxeRacing Game A First of it's Kind, real-feel racing game brought to you by a professional developer who's worked on games such as: RDD, Forza3, & Midnight Club

Utilization: In-Game Spending, NFT Customization, Race Wagering. Experience your NFT like never before in a real-feel racing setting. Players will be able to participate in a variety of race modes, in a multitude of high quality digital environmnets.