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What is Lil Cheems ? Lil Cheems is the first token rewarding in CHEEMS who will follow his father's path! Buying Lil Cheems is like buying a direct fly ticket to the moon.

We are a MEME coin with a huge utility!

What is the utility bro ? Cheems will launch the meme tools, Lil cheems will create the reward tools! A platform where every reward tokens are listed, with dashboard to follow your rewards and other tools! Are you ready for the Lil Cheems Revolution? Let's unite all the rewards tokens into one! We will also launch a NFT marketplace to help MEME coins who want to launch their NFT collection and collect the datas about all the other collections.

What about NFTssssss?!!! A crazy NFT collection of 1000 Lil Cheems made by our artists can be purchased! Get your UNIQUE Lil Cheems before anyone else! The value will grow as we fly higher and higher. Tell your children that your legacy will be a Lil Cheems NFT right now.