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What Is Klein Token (KLEIN)?

Klein Token is the official social token of the Klein Entertainment, one of the biggest and powerful entertainment brands of Turkey in its field with its works.

KLEIN is the social token that is used for:

  • Access to Klein events, priority for reservations and entrances at Klein venues in summer and winter,
  • Signed artist and brand products, right to meet artists and backstage at big concerts, Special activities with artists

How Many KLEIN Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Klein Token launched on March 23, 2022 with 4 Million KLEIN tokens created at genesis. Currently, 2,482,852.00 KLEIN token are in circulation.

Who Are the Founders of KLEIN Token ?

Klein Token ($KLEIN) project is launched in cooperation with ExenPay, Bitexen and Klein Entertainment.

Where Can I Buy Klein Token (KLEIN)?

KLEIN is available for trading on Bitexen, one of the largest exchanges in Turkey, available.

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