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The number one Launchpad on kadena.

SImply put, we find the best projects being developed on Kadena and give you the opportunity to buy them first! The term for this is a launchpad, but this term isn’t enough to describe what we do here at KDLaunch. When you participate in an IDO you are making an investment in a new product. KDLaunch will make sure that it is the best investment you can be making. We have the best Pact devs in the space. These devs meticulously assess every new project’s code to make sure they have a product worthy of your investment. But this isn’t enough for us. We then assess their chances of competing in the market and ensure they have realistic roadmaps, suitable and fair tokenomics, and a business and marketing plan that we deem to have the potential of success in the long term. You don’t need to take our word for it. We are here to earn the trust of our users by delivering the best projects in the space, on the best platform we can build.