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Self-reported circulating supply
Total supply
480,000,000,000 KLX
Max. supply
479,999,999,999 KLX

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About Kalima Blockchain

Kalima, a layer 1 third-generation blockchain, is a rapidly expanding ecosystem that will enable enterprises, developers, and startups to build the future of Web3 Enterprise and Data Governance applications, notably with IoT (Internet of Things) data, to solve real-world problems.

Users can independently govern, manage, and monetize data using Kalima's decentralized network of permissioned blockchains (PrivaChains), as well as create tokens for smart-rewarding systems.

Kalima is a modular platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) that are hosted on PrivaChains. Kalima was designed with the goal of generating new business models or improving existing ones, ranging from data notarization to decentralized finance (DeFi), tokenization (NFTs), data monetization, and Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications (Digital Twins, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Infrastructure, and so on).

Kalima's blockchain is built to handle very large amounts of sensitive data generated by industries and to analyze that data in real-time at the edge. The PrivaChains are able to connect to one another as well as to other leading public chains (Tezos, Lightning Network and soon Polygon and Cosmos hubs). Also acting as a layer 2 or 3 to Bitcoin, the Kalima Network is expected to have a great impact on widely-adopted networks, boosting Kalima's overall adoption.

The KLX, Kalima’s token, has a utility that is necessary to Kalima’s functionalities. Unlike other BIoT (Blockchain for IoT) projects, Kalima’s KLX isn’t just made to reward its users, but is used to secure the entire network. The KLX can be used for transaction fees, staking, creation of validation pools, acquisition of PrivaChains and to enable several key functionalities on Kalima Network (e.g: monetization of data on oracle dApps).

Whether it is for businesses, or for builders wanting to benefit from the Kalima Network, building dApps on the ecosystem is a natural process. Kalima provides powerful SDK’s to develop dApps using standard languages and standard development tools, and then simplifies the development and maintenance of dApps.