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The first NFT P2E 4x-Strategy Game with Proof Of Stake mining! Not literally POS. But literally mining.

Imps Kingdom is a huge digital, multiplayer world where imps form alliances, build their own castles, weave intrigues and strive to become the most powerful. In this kingdom, there are many things that will ensure the activity and satisfaction of the players!

IMPS Kingdom is an idle free-to-play 4x-strategy with a lot of P2E mechanics that will attract not only crypto enthusiasts but also mainstream players.

Players will be offered a lot of activities from completing missions alone or with comrades-in-arms to directly influencing the politics and economy of the entire game world.

There are missions, raid bosses, random events, and massive rewards for every action and decision you make upon the game!

  • Collect the most powerful heroes to complete dangerous missions.
  • Lead the largest army and capture castles.
  • Take control of as much territory as you can hold and develop your own production.
  • Weave intrigues, destroy your competitors with someone else's hands.
  • Manage markets and resource flows, earn money by fighting others.