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What is iK Coin?

iK Coin is a BEP 20 standard token built on the Binance blockchain. It is part of iK Finance, and belongs to the ecosystem of the iK Tech Solutions group. iK's mission is to transform wasted time into quality time, connecting and using technology in order to create a better, sustainable and quality world. In August 2020, two months after the creation of the iK Tech Solutions group, the development of the logistics platform began, through the B2B, B2C and Digitization platforms of transport companies. As early as March 2021, Fintech started planning and developing iK Coin as an intermediary for payments and financial transactions. The first distribution and logistics contract was signed in September of the same year, with a large network of stores in the real estate sector, and a month later the iK Coin smart contract was completed. iK Coin is designed to facilitate the sale of products and services through digital currencies, that is, so that people can buy and pay with their digital assets and all companies can make this cryptocurrency available as a form of payment, from small transactions. at the hairdresser, at the restaurant, buying a house, to complete transactions for cryptocurrency tourism.

What is the iK Coin team?

iK Coin, in addition to Tarik do Carmo de Melo Lira who is the CEO, is also made up of a vast team distributed among investment specialists, marketing specialists, analysts and the team of developers.

How many iK Coin (iKC) coins are there in circulation?

This coin was created with a total supply of around 10 billion tokens, 1.5 billion of which were made available in the forecast period, which started on November 15, 2021 and ended on March 15, 2022. We currently have around 1.5 billion iKC fashions in circulation. Currently iK Coin is available for trading on VinDax. And it has 4 trading pairs, namely: iKC/BTC, iKC/ETH, iKC/USDT and iKC/VD since March 15th of this year, and will soon be on other exchanges, such as KuCoin, Gate, and even more to be announced.