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The defi space has brought us countless opportunities for previously unimaginable profits and changed many lives, but it has also brought with it plenty of scams and rip-offs. Being an investor in an emerging market, an unregulated and decentralized one at that, is extremely risky and you can easily lose all your money. This is where smart tools and communities of investors have come together to help each other and make investing safer. These tools include voting platforms, new token trackers, contract trackers, etc. The main problem with all of these tools is that much of the data is manipulated and doesn‘t give us a clear picture. This is where we come in. HunterDoge is here with an ecosystem of tools to help you make your investment decisions while ensuring that the information is free from manipulation. By building the platform and growing our community, we hope to realize our vision to make the defi space safer and get to the moon together.