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About HaggleX

The advent of cryptocurrency has revolutionized the global financial system that has been in place for decades. the tedious process of sending money across the border and the time it takes for one transaction to be completed has drawn more people into adopting the use of Digital Assets (Cryptocurrency) in sending money to loved ones globally. But the underlying problem faced by newbies in the industry is how to convert their Digital Assets (coin) to Fiat, vice versa, and also which platform would accept their coins. These gave birth to various exchanges that solved some of the issues raised by users, especially when it comes to paying for utilities with their coins. HaggleX has come to offer an all-in-one service where users can trade, exchange their coins, stake, lend, buy and sell cryptocurrency/Giftcards with our secured escrow service and also pay for utility services using HaggleX Wallet (platform).

These added services bring a more significant advantage to HaggleX, giving the exchange an edge compared to existing crypto exchange services. With our decentralized system, users will have full control of their Digital Assets and trade all supported cryptocurrency/gift cards directly between users (peer-to-peer) using smart contracts. It is a do-it-yourself trading approach, where traders don’t entrust their funds to an intermediary or third party, with the smart contract assets are held on the blockchain and funds can only be released once both parties have signed a digital signature.

The world is rapidly adopting digital innovations each day, and blockchain technology is leading this innovation by bringing trustless and cheaper ways to transact and give integrity to data. In this new digital currency ecosystem, individuals are more likely to use new digital solutions cross border payment trading, savings, and lending. HaggleX is a multi-currency blockchain-based exchange offering a global cryptocurrency platform for secure peer-to-peer trading, lending, and borrowing. HaggleX also solves the problem of exchanging cryptocurrency for utility services or purchasing a product using cryptocurrency, storing your crypto assets with significant interest. With added new solutions to cryptocurrency trading, management of digital assets, HaggleX wallet provides a new model where its users can save their digital assets using its “bitsave” features, crowdfunding channel, etc. HaggleX is well-positioned and on its way to becoming the leading service-based crypto platform in the ecosystem.

HAggleX token

HaggleX has a native token with a ticker (HAG). HAG is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has a total supply of 1million HAG.

HaggleX (HAG) is designed to be used for transactions on our platform and will offer users discounts on transaction fees. This would encourage traders to utilize HAG as they would be able to save transaction costs while trading on the platform.