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Greenex is a digital ecosystem that aims to be environmentally sound with no mining, strong security, future hard-asset backed, integrated ecosystem. Greenex's team is continually working on new developments to our own wallet, staking dex, meme NFT platform, e-commerce, renewable energy asset-backed income generating system and diversified future crypto fund. We are growing and working towards generating income from our features and returning that profit back to our token holders.

The Greenex (GNX) token has a fixed supply of 420 million coins that will never be mined, minted, burnt, pumped, dumped or dominated by any one person, entity or group. Greenex is automatically environmentally friendly as no electricity is needed to provide proof-of-work (mining) or proof-of-stake (staking) which absorb energy.

Launched on 14 June 2021 by a team based across Australia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central America, Greenex is a smart contract ecosystem that generates income for its token holders through its various enterprise such as enabling custom meme and gif NFTs to be made on the platform and then sold on its marketplace. It has integrated swap and staking features from which fees also flow back to token holders.

Greenex is also working partners around the world in the renewables industry and wellness and organic products industry to provide them with a presence in the new blockchain industry. The long-term vision is to have hard-assets in renewable energy that generate income that gets fed back to Greenex holders. By building the digital ecosystem multiple streams of income from the green economy, crypto economy and the traditional economy are fed back intermittently to the Greenex token holder.

By buying and holding Greenex you are supporting a Green Revolution, both technologically, culturally and socially. Greenex embodies green energy both for our world and for people. Greenex also means healthy fuel for people and green organic food. Greenex is more than a coin, it is an ethos.

Greenex is designed to be a digital green store of value, with real-world, hard-assets that generate, store and distribute electricity. Greenex will provide an ecosystem of digital assets and systems such as exchanges, wallets, and NFT platforms.

Greenex will also work with the wellness and organic industries to find ways to help grow their business and share a symbiotic relationship with the Greenex ecosystem. Through partnerships, charity fundraising, promotions, rewards systems, and where allowed payment systems, Greenex is a fusion of cryptocurrency and the real world.

In line with our vision, we will look to evolve the currency together with a viable business and implement a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to provide a vehicle for future investment. The initial Greenex token will remain a vehicle for this investment. In the initial stages the crypto coin itself will rely on the enthusiasm of the community to help grow the awareness and value of the coin so that we can use the funds to invest in green energy assets.

Buying Greenex (GNX) is securing the future with hard assets that generate income.