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Self-reported circulating supply
6,597,202 GBT
Total supply
21,000,000 GBT
Max. supply
21,000,000 GBT

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About Green Block Token

Green Block Capital offers several benefits to our stakeholders. Firstly, by being a part of the Bitcoin network, we are helping to secure and maintain the decentralized nature of the network, which is essential for its continued growth and stability. Additionally, by operating large-scale mining operations, we are able to offer a steady and reliable stream of mining rewards to our token holders.

Our GBT token provides a unique benefit to holders, as they are able to earn rewards from our mining power just by holding and staking the token. This not only provides a passive income, but also helps to further secure the network by adding to the total mining power.

Green Block Capital are committed to providing transparency and accountability to our stakeholders, and regularly publish updates on our mining operations and financial performance. By investing in Green Block Capital, you are not only supporting the growth of the Bitcoin network, but also have the opportunity to earn passive income through our GBT token.