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We're Golden Age. a MU Online play-to-earn project. we are bringing a kind of "old-timey" yet very popular game to the crypto world.

Here are a few things that you might want to know about us that will help you better understand our project:

  • We're an independent team from different parts of the world, although most of us com from spanish speaking countries.

  • We recently launched our token ( $GA ) and it has already reached 0.40c in less than 4 days of the token's public launch.

The reason for this fast rise is because of a combination of things:

  • We are a very community-oriented team, which listens to our users and try to adapt and meet demands (thinking about our longevity first, of course).

  • We are very commited to the project and we do everything in a very transparent way.

  • We already have a token audit (from Kronobit) and we're also waiting on CERTIK results.

  • We were already listed on CoinGecko (during the first day of the token launch) and we're waiting to be listed on CoinMarketCap as well.

  • We're waiting to be listed on different exchanges as well.

  • We really think through and study our strategies. we try not to rush things to avoid fatal errors as other projects have done. ours is a long-term vision.

  • Our token actually rewards a Holding behaviour. 1% of the slippage charged on every transaction, is shared among our holders (the more we grow, the more our users grow).

  • Our game will have an oracle that will rebalance the economy anchoring it with a USD counterpart.

We will be releasing the game at the end of the month and there will be a "pack sale" (limited and unlimited ones) shortly before that since they are needed in order to play. this means that we might not be a free-to-play project but we have a fair entrance price.

We really want to keep a balance in our game's economy so the ROI is going to be slower than others (30-45 days, still quite fair) but we promise it will be worth its salt!

We hope you really like our project and don't hesitate to ask away if you have questions or doubts, we-re thrilled and excited to answer and clear them all and count on you