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FLASH is crypto’s first token that allows users to earn instant upfront yield. Its unique mechanism is Proof-of-Time. While not an official blockchain consensus mechanism, it is conceptually set apart from Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work or Ethereum 2.0’s Proof-of-Stake, which require mining or staking power. FLASH is generated and rewarded to users who provide time (flash power) to the protocol.

Flashstaking works similarly to flashloans, where anyone can borrow any amount of capital as long as they pay it back within one ethereum transaction. However, instead of borrowing money, you stake capital for a predetermined amount of time and earn the entire reward. Instant, upfront, all in one ethereum transaction.

Through the FLASH dApp, users can flashstake their FLASH tokens for a desired amount of time in return for a corresponding yield reward, earned immediately.

Flashstaking introduces the concept of locking money today and earning money from the future - the time travel of money. All done in a decentralized, instantaneous, and permissionless manner.