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Self-reported circulating supply
400,000,000 ZARD
Total supply
1,000,000,000 ZARD
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 ZARD
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About FireZard

Most of us remember the thrill of collecting Pokemon cards. There was always a sense of rush and excitement attached to opening a booster pack in hope that you might get lucky and find that nice holographic gem staring back you. So we wanted to bring that fun and feeling to the crypto space and with the help of NFT technology, we can now make this possible.

FireZard aims to be the first Trading Card Game which passively and instantly rewards investors in an attractive and collectible way through the technology of NFT's.

We have seen project after project offer NFT’s but we have always believed NFT’s (especially in the early stages of a company) don’t hold much merit on their own. Sure they’re unique, but you still don’t know if they’ll hold any real world value or if they’ll be a sought after collectible. We wanted to fill this early void by providing an instant win reward system attached to our FireZard NFT’s.

This reward depends on the rarity of the card pulled. If an investor gets lucky and pulls one of our UR (Ultra Rare) Zards, 5 BNB is sent directly to their wallet!

Furthermore, all FireZard cards will be embedded with a type, ATK, DEF & Health statistics which will all come into play when the FireZard - Trading Card Game is released. A world where investors can bring their best 6 Zards into battle against each other in a bid to earn yet even more rewards, items and limited edition collectibles to create a full P2E gaming experience.

The FireZard NFT Trading Card Game will be driven by blockchain technology. Each farmed and collected “card” will therefore be unique and have a unique identifier which can only be owned by one person at any time. This gives us the capability to create unique, collectible cards which the community can collect and be rewarded for. However our cards are not only collectible, they will have an instant win prize attached to them. If you manage to pull anything above a common card, you win anything from 0.1 BNB (uncommon) to 5 BNB (Ultra Rare Zard)

Investors begin the process by staking our main token, $ZARD to earn $FLAME on our dApp. Investors will be able to buy $ZARD, stake it on our platform and earn $FLAME, a token with no dollar value attached to it. $FLAME cannot be bought or sold on pancakeswap and instead will serve to be a sought after stepping stone towards gaining access to our highly collectible NFT’s. Unlike $ZARD, $FLAME will have an unlimited supply and will be continuously minted to provide our users with the currency needed to attain the FireZard NFT’s.

People will have the ability to buy, swap and sell their summoned FireZard NFT cards on our marketplace. All transactions will be using $ZARD and the prices will be set and determined by the market. This creates a fair decentralised playground of bartering and trading amongst the community.

Another integral part of FireZard is our aim to become not just a passive income reward scheme for investors, but a complete trading card game. Our characters and NFT's are designed in a way to be used against each other in battle. The TCG will be a turn based battle system with mechanics in place to favour those who have spent time and effort into building a well rounded team with the appropriate support. Each dragon will have buffs and flaws against others, making it a tactical feat.