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Ferrari is the first decentralized smart chain linking DeFi (decentralized finance) and CeFi (centralized finance) providing developers with a one-stop decentralized financial product release platform.

Adopting Fer’s unique consensus algorithm, designed the on-chain and off-chain data mapping mechanism, based on the new enhanced data structure of the directed acyclic graph and the hash network, combined with stable coins, lending platforms, derivatives, prediction markets, insurance, and payment Platforms and other types of decentralized finance are innovated to create an open, transparent, and safe new decentralized system.

Allow any user to issue their own digital assets on it, create their own digital asset trading pairs, allow financial institutions and traditional administrators to use the Ferrari smart chain for online decentralized lending agreement protection, and write financial lending data on the smart chain. Both parties create a unique two-sided market application.

Ferrariswap is the first application of Ferrari's smart chain to land financial products. The total number of Ferrari tokens is 1,728,000.

FerrariSwap currently uses the same AMM model as uniswap, and allocates part of its transaction fees to the holders of FerrariSwap tokens Ferrari.

FerrariSwap provides liquidity providers with 0.25% of the transaction amount. The remaining 0.05% will be converted to Ferrari distribution.

To Ferrari holders.Initially, 10 Ferrari (ERC20) tokens will be generated per block, and then the number of coins will be halved every ten days or so. These tokens will be evenly distributed to each mortgagee supporting the fund pool, which means that the sooner you participate in FerrariSwap, the more Ferrari will be obtained, which is designed to encourage early miners and participants who truly make outstanding contributions to FerrariSwap.

When Ferrari (ERC20) is launched on the main-net, Ferrari will be introduced to the main-net through the M&A governance framework.