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What is EGG Token? EGG Finance is a protocol that offers a frictionless DeFi dashboard The reunion of wallets, exchanges, fiat on-ramps and yield farms in a single interface breaks the ultimate barrier that DeFi Pro and Mainstream users face while accessing web3.

What makes EGG Unique? Our DeFi solutions allow our users to trade and sell their crypto with the lowest fees. EGG finds the best routes among several crypto platforms to provide the best price and quickest transactions possible, moreover, we offer Fiat > DeFi flow with CC payment via our Transak partner. Join the safest DeFi portfolio tracker in the world. We don't possess users' private keys which makes us the most secure DeFi exchange platform. Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many other cryptocurrencies with crypto or fiat on our global DeFi marketplace without any risks.