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What is Dragon Egg (DREGG)

DREGG is Dragon Crypto Gamings first token and has been launched on 08/09/2021 by a 7 person team based in countries across the world.

DREGG is our Layer 1Yield farming token that will give AVAX users exclusive early access to our second layer on the AVAX blockchain, which is the beginning of what will be a large and vibrant cross chain gaming ecosystem. Although initially just a yield farm, Layer 1 will be introducing mini games and ways to collect items to use in our second layer. Our Layer 2 will be a text-based MMORPG-style play-to-earn game where players can go on an exciting, Dungeons & Dragons inspired adventure and collect valuable loot and NFTs and build their characters into fearsome monster slayers. There will also be an in-game economy and marketplace where players can trade blockchain items. Our Layer 2 will be releasing on both AVAX and Polygon chains simultaneously. Layer 2 is only the beginning and we have many plans for future features to be incorporated into our game.

How many DREGG tokens are in circulation? A total of 250,000 DREGG tokens will be minted over the course of 1 month.

Where can I buy DREGG? DREGG can currently be bought on Trader joe(https://www.traderjoexyz.com/#/trade?outputCurrency=0x88c090496125b751B4E3ce4d3FDB8E47DD079c57) and we have plans to expand this selection in the future.