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About DeHive

What is DeHive?

DeHive is a decentralized protocol that allows the user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one index with one click. The index represents noticeable and impactful DeFi assets, which we use to evaluate the economic health of the crypto-market. That is why making a single operation can bring you all the benefits of the full basket of crypto-assets.

What is DeHive Index?

DeHive platform provides you with the opportunity to own a single token that ensures a profitable portfolio for the holder - DeHive Index. The index is composed of the price of the selected tokens which serve as an indicator of the general direction of DeFi market development. Thus, the user gets a portfolio holding the top crypto assets represented by an algorithmically-driven index.

The DeHive platform implements a mechanism that purchases the underlying crypto assets to support the index. The protocol uses an in-built system of oracles in order to ensure the acquisition of the selected tokens at the best price.

In addition, DeHive DeHive is the first platform to offer the creation of custom crypto indexes representing your personal investment portfolio. Users are also allowed to stake their indexes and benefit from yield farming along with DHV token mining.

What is DHV?

DHV is a native token of DeHive platform that gives the access to the DeHive ecosystem, allows to issue the initial DeHive Indexes or create a custome one, participate in additional protocol features, and take part in protocol governance through DAO mechanisms.