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What Is ComfyToken (COMFY)?

ComfyToken is a decentralized finance DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain. The ComfyToken project is aimed at providing a frictionless platform where things get done in the most effortless (and comfy) manner. Everything is automatic and simple for any individual - new to cryptocurrencies or not - to understand the token at a glance.

Aside from reflection and DeFi mechanics, ComfyToken has a unique approach to tokenomics, and a focus on anti-whale & anti-bot features. ComfyToken aims to take the community to the next level with additions such as ComfyNFT (Mint & Exchange) and ComfyDashboard (Charts & Stats), according to the ComfyToken website.

General Information: * Website * Whitepaper * DexGuru * PancakeSwap * LinkTree

What makes ComfyToken (COMFY) unique?

ComfyToken launched on April 17, 2021 with 1,000 billion ComfyToken initial supply. 40% was offered via a pre-sale, 39% was added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, 16% was burned forever, and 5% allocated to a community fund with a staggered locking mechanism.

Every ComfyToken holder automatically receives reflection through the smart contract on the BSC network; more specifically, they receive a portion of fees back everytime a transaction occurs on the smart contract. The fee on every transaction is progressive, it is based on the size of each transaction relative to the circulating supply, according to the whitepaper.

Transaction Fees: 2% if <= 0.001%, 4% if <= 0.0025, 6% if <= 0.005%, 8% if <= 0.01%, 12% if <= 0.025%, 16% if <= 0.05%, 20% if <= 0.1%, 24% if <= 0.5%, 30% if > 0.5%. Half of the fee is added to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool to ensure a steadily rising floor price and stability. Half of the fee is distributed to ComfyToken holders automatically. Since 16% of the supply was burned in the beginning, 16% of that fee will be burned as well. Burn rate will increase in time, creating deflationary pressure. 84% of the fee goes to holders as re-distribution.

Anti-Whale/Anti-Bot The tokenomics are not only unique, but ComfyToken is also anti-whale & anti-bot. Bots are not comfy, huge whales are not comfy. The aggressive transaction fees, based on transaction size, encourage small transactions due to small fees (2% if <= 0.001% of circulating supply), and discourage from large transactions due to high fees (30% if > 0.5% of circulating supply), thus discouraging whale and bot movements alike.