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With music apps and platforms gaining so much widespread traction worldwide and the globalization of its unique genres, safe to say, music is one of the most lucrative industries in the world today. Different artists and record labels have shown time and time again that the uniqueness of music to the world at large cannot be exhausted, as year after year we see hit tracks, bangers and singles hitting the market with brand new never seen before artists making a name for themselves.

Cloud9BSC is about changing the way listeners and lovers of music interact with their favorite artists and vice versa. Since the genesis of record labels, individual and group artists have felt the sting from overindulgent agents and labels taking half or more of their hard-earned money. One of our core ideas is to decentralize music through NFT adoption, to change the way fans interact with their favorite artists and help the independent artist grow within a new space that is not easily navigated. We aim to build a COMMUNITY of thinkers and build apps with real utility to achieve a sustainable status in BSC and the cryptocurrency ecosystem entirely.

The Cloud9BSC ecosystem will have an online rewards system for its holders in BNB, a solid platform for developed and developing artist to showcase their craft and with global adoption of crypto and the surging trend of NFTs. The CloudPlay platform will be easy to use and not just for musical artists but for digital content creators and influencers to grow a network that results in the overall development of every artist on our platform. The token itself is designed to track PCS swaps, generate liquidity, give away BNB and other rewards. As we continue to gain members in our community, we’ll also have the opportunity to receive insight and build on ideas further with polling and community votes on certain tokenomics percentages. Also, Cloudflip will create an expanding and contracting supply, constantly minting and burnings creating unique price action opportunities. This gives artists, investors and the general public a unique platform to earning passively and 2x there money on a flip coin game if they want.

Simply put; Cloud9BSC is here to change the way artist and their following interact with eachother, change the way music is sold and purchased and open up a network that will help any artist in their overall development. If you are a musician looking for a platform to market your talent this will be the place for you. Developed and Developing artists can take advantage of this unique ecosystem to launch their music and to gain rewards while doing it. Cloud9BSC will further make it easy to browse and buy music NFT’s. By simply selecting the track or album which can be previewed before purchase. will be a great channel to find new talent. Established artists can take advantage of this new channel/revenue stream to launch their music. Not forgetting the listeners, who will be able to discover great new artists and sounds.