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About BlueArk

The BlueArk project was jointly initiated by Peter Lin, a well-known designer, and Doug boy, a music creator, and received corresponding support in the Dao community.

The NFT trading platform has been launched, cross-chain bridge, and trade tokens on PancakeSwap.

The first step of BlueArk is that, Brk will focus on the creation, storage and trading of NFT art and music works on its original NFT trading platform. The development has been completed and launched.

In addition, BRK will establish an exclusive "BRK Artificial Intelligence" system to recreate "secondary value" and give more significance to users' NFT works, so that NFT will not only stop at the narrow level of collecting and trading.

In "BRK Galaxy", users can use the NFT works they own to generate the basic unit of "BRK Planet" (BRK Planet) through the artificial intelligence system. An "BRK Planet" belonging to the user, in which a unique family, community, ecology, environment, mining, art, creation, games, and various commercial activities can be built. The user can also rent, buy and sell parts or the entire planet. The development is going well, but it has not been launched yet.

Through a BRK Metaverse citizenship "Metazen", users can enter all kind of metaverse worlds connected with BlueArk, with using BRK currency in the "BRK Metaverse"