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市值:   •  24小時交易量:   •  比特幣主導:  %  •  加密貨幣:   •  交易市場: 

StrongHands StrongHands (SHND)

6.6e-08 USD (-7.40%)
6.431e-12 BTC (-7.87%)

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615,421 USD
60 BTC
517 USD
0.05 BTC
9,319,884,910,528 SHND
16,080,116,083,983 SHND

StrongHands 市場

# 來源 配對 交易量(24小時) 價格 交易量 (%) 類別 手續費類型 更新時間
1 CoinExchange SHND/DOGE $437 $6.5e-08 84.52% Spot Percentage 最近
2 STEX SHND/NXT $54 $6.5e-08 10.39% Spot Percentage 最近
3 Crex24 SHND/BTC $18 $1e-07 3.57% Spot Percentage 最近
4 Crex24 SHND/JPY $7 $6.1e-08 1.42% Spot Percentage 最近
5 Graviex SHND/DOGE $1 $5.8e-08 0.10% Spot Percentage 最近
6 Coindeal SHND/XRP $0 $6e-08 0.01% Spot Percentage 最近
7 CoinExchange SHND/BTC $0 $0.000103 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
8 CryptoBridge SHND/ZNY $0 $1.8e-07 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近

StrongHands 社交媒體動態

StrongHands 工具



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StrongHands™ (SHND) claims to be one of the first cryptocurrencies to introduce a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work minting system. The project builds upon Bitcoin by reportedly introducing energy efficiency, a new security/minting model, and adaptive responses to rapid changes in network computation power. StrongHands™ reportedly secures the network by providing 250k pr/block reward of the coins that are held by miners after 30 days.

StrongHands價格 6.6e-08 USD
StrongHands回報率 -99.97%
市場排名 #1039
市值 615,421 USD
24小時交易量 517 USD
流通供給量 9,319,884,910,528 SHND
總供給量 16,080,116,083,983 SHND
最大供給量 無數據
歷來最高價 0.001415 USD
歷來最低價 1.3e-08 USD
52星期最高價 / 最低價 3.4e-07 USD /
4.8e-08 USD
90天最高價 / 最低價 3.4e-07 USD /
4.8e-08 USD
30天最高價 / 最低價 8e-08 USD /
5.8e-08 USD
7天最高價 / 最低價 7.8e-08 USD /
5.8e-08 USD
24小時最高價 / 最低價 7.2e-08 USD /
6.2e-08 USD
昨天最高價 / 最低價 7.8e-08 USD /
6.8e-08 USD
昨天開盤價 / 收盤價 7e-08 USD /
7e-08 USD
昨天的價格變動 $2.4e-10 USD (+0.34%)
昨天的交易量 $435 USD