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加密貨幣:   •  交易市場:   •  市值:   •  24小時交易量:   •  比特幣主導:  %
市值:   •  24小時交易量:   •  比特幣主導:  %  •  加密貨幣:   •  交易市場: 

Please be aware that Nectar tokens were initially distributed via the Ethfinex exchange and the majority of tokens are still held on the exchange, only those tokens which have been withdrawn and are transferable on the Ethereum blockchain are included in the circulating supply calculation.

Nectar Nectar (NEC)

0.115430 USD (-6.15%)
0.00001395 BTC (-6.30%)
0.00066332 ETH (-4.51%)

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9,506,024 USD
1,149 BTC
54,627 ETH
2,566 USD
0.31 BTC
14.75 ETH
82,353,022 NEC
1,007,949,847 NEC

Nectar 市場

# 來源 配對 交易量(24小時) 價格 交易量 (%) 類別 手續費類型 更新時間
1 Ethfinex NEC/USD $1,411 $0.123400 55.00% Spot Percentage 最近
2 Ethfinex NEC/ETH $1,143 $0.105803 44.56% Spot Percentage 最近
3 Ethfinex NEC/BTC $11 $0.093797 0.43% Spot Percentage 最近

Nectar 社交媒體動態

Nectar 工具



免責聲明:評分由第三方組織計算,CoinMarketCap 沒有以任何方式影響或核准該評分。

FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS measures User Activity, Developer Behavior and Asset Maturity.

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The fundamental purpose of Nectar (NEC) is to reward market makers for the value they create, in turn encouraging them to maintain market thickness and minimised spreads on the platform trading pairs. Loyalty points entitle holders to loyalty rewards held in the Liquidity Token Smart Contract, which can be redeemed (in part or in whole) through the Redeem Mechanism upon request. Loyalty points can be traded on a secondary market amongst white listed Ethfinex users. If no tokens are redeemed at the end of a 28 day cycle, the total supply of NEC will grow. Ethfinex will hold an initial supply of NEC which will not grow over time?—?as a result, the percentage ownership will gradually decrease as new tokens are issued and redeemed.

Nectar價格 0.115430 USD
Nectar回報率 -71.34%
市場排名 #308
市值 9,506,024 USD
24小時交易量 2,566 USD
流通供給量 82,353,022 NEC
總供給量 1,007,949,847 NEC
最大供給量 無數據
歷來最高價 0.575364 USD
歷來最低價 0.043799 USD
52星期最高價 / 最低價 0.566426 USD /
0.043799 USD
90天最高價 / 最低價 0.195925 USD /
0.046719 USD
30天最高價 / 最低價 0.195925 USD /
0.046719 USD
7天最高價 / 最低價 0.195925 USD /
0.071999 USD
24小時最高價 / 最低價 0.123407 USD /
0.108572 USD
昨天最高價 / 最低價 0.123407 USD /
0.108572 USD
昨天開盤價 / 收盤價 0.122935 USD /
0.108709 USD
昨天的價格變動 $-0.014226 USD (-11.57%)
昨天的交易量 $2,419 USD