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Cube Cube (AUTO)

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Cube Intelligence describes itself as a technology company that creates future transportation solutions. In line with the vision of Smart Cities, Cube Intelligence aims to develop mobility data services (CUBE Mobility), P2P vehicle sharing platforms (CUBE CAR), and self-driving valet parking solutions (CUBE AI).

  • CUBE Mobility uses blockchain technology to collect and analyze mobility data and provide incentives for eco-friendly traffic patterns. It has the control tower role of data transactions between users. Traffic data is connected to distributed storage devices, data access user identification, CUBE token for data delivery, and P2P (Person to Person) transactions.

  • CUBE CAR provides a P2P vehicle sharing a platform that aims to make it easier and more convenient for users to use, share and communicate with each other through mutual assessment of the owners and users of shared vehicles. It intends to offer a shared transportation platform. On May 15, 2019, Cube Car launched a ride-hailing service called 'Papa' in Korea.

  • CUBE AI is developing an autonomous valet parking (AVP) technology. Apart from sensors, CUBE AI also uses cameras to recognize objects. The Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) navigation feature is intended for future use in general vehicles, with a view towards reducing the time and stress that drivers experience when trying to park in underground parking lots.

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