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156,013,258 SHDW
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169,060,601 SHDW
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200,000,000 SHDW
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Jan 05, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Oct 18, 2022 (a year ago)
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Notizie su Shadow Token


Informazioni su Shadow Token

$SHDW is the utility token that powers the Shadow dePIN ecosystem providing decentralized storage, compute, and network orchestration to its users. Users utilize $SHDW to pay for decentralized data storage, compute, and other utilities. Compute, storage, and bandwidth are brought to the Shadow network by Shadow Operators who stake SHDW to secure their nodes and earn revenue based on their contributions to the network.

Powering the Shadow ecosystem is DAGGER: a scalable and bandwidth-efficient L1/L2 hybrid powered by a custom consensus mechanism designed to orchestrate distributed systems, manage large amounts of data stored across decentralized networks, and more.

DAGGER networks can be deployed as public permissionless Layer2 networks across any Layer1 protocol or be deployed as private Layer1 protocols for private use. DAGGER's implicit voting design reduces communication overhead, resulting in faster data retrieval and cost reduction for users compared to other decentralized systems.

Experience the future of decentralized data storage with Shadow Drive, the cornerstone product of the Shadow Ecosystem. Designed to seamlessly integrate with applications and systems on the Solana blockchain and beyond, Shadow Drive prioritizes data security and integrity through its hierarchical model. Robust auditing and repair procedures ensure system resilience, making Shadow Drive the ideal choice for Web3 builders creating hosting services, CDNs, social media apps, and more.