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Jan 01, 2021 (2 months ago)
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Rifornimento massimo830,000 DFR

Informazioni su Diffract Finance

DFR is an experimental RFI fork, further inspired by similar forks such as RFR. DFR works identically to RFI in that transactions are taxed at a 1% fee which is then redistributed amongst holders. Similarly to RFI, holders will not have to stake their tokens as balances are automatically increased when a ‘diffraction event’ such as a transfer, buy, or sell takes place.

Using a smarter tokenomics approach to decrease total supply, our developers have built upon the RFI framework to create a more lucrative rewards system. This is achieved without having to penalize transactions with an increased tax fee, which tends to be the approach of most new RFI forks, and that approach can sometimes result in rapid devaluation of the token.

These mechanisms address these issues and preserves the longevity of the project by creating a deflationary ecosystem that benefits both holders of the token without penalizing transfers excessively.

The DFR tokenomics structure consists of an overhauled supply and an inclusionary distribution approach at launch. Instead of using an arbitrary figure of 10,000,000 total supply and a stealth launch or drastically reducing the supply by a factor of 10, 100, or 1000, our developers have worked out that an optimal supply of 830,000 maximum tokens and a two-stage public sale, along with a more carefully calculated liquidity pool will allow for both a more lucrative deflationary ROI to holders of $DFR and a fair inclusion opportunity from the outset with additional incentives to early investors.

Unlike other forks, total supply has not been arbitrarily decreased and tax fees have not been unnecessarily hiked. We have observed that excessive manipulation of both of these fundamental attributes can cause the token to rapidly devalue. There are also no whitelisted private sales as our team believes that inclusion must be fair from the outset and provide an equal opportunity in the same way that the 1% blanket tax distribution does. Rapid devaluation upon listing is not our goal.

As taxation and distribution of fees have not been altered, Uniswap pools and exchange wallets are still blocked from earning fees and 100% of fees are distributed amongst holders, with holders of more tokens receiving better rates based on the percentage held amongst peers.

The $DFR public sale took place on Bounce Swap on the 20th December in two stages, raising a total of 145.8 out of a possible Hardcap of 150 ETH. 75% of Ether raised was added to the Uniswap liquidity pair as promised and liquidity was locked through Unicrypt V2 for 6 months. The $DFR initial liquidity pool ratio for listing is as follows: DFR 243,000:109.35 ETH giving a 2222:1 ratio. We have since had an audit carried out by Solidity Finance. All remaining Ether and tokens are to be used for the development of the project.

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