CriptovalutemoneteBTC1D3L (Leveraged ETF by Hotbit)

BTC1D3L (Leveraged ETF by Hotbit)BTC1D3L

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BTC1D3L Quotazione in tempo reale

Leveraged ETF product by Hotbit - "1D" represents the benchmark net value of this product is rebalanced once a day (but may have multiple times during extreme market conditions), the net value is claimed to normally rebalance at 10:30 am (UTC+8) every day, however, during extreme market conditions, it may be rebalanced intraday. It is claimed that "3L" means that if the price of the underlying transaction pair has increased by 1%, the net value of the product would increase by 3%.

Users shall pay attention to the net value of the product before trading. There is a risk that the price will approach zero in extreme conditions. This product subjects to the derivative with high risk.