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Données des Prix du SHIBAROCKET en Temps Réel

ShibaRocket has been developed and built by members of the Original Shiba Founding Team.

We are building the world's first AR integrated NFT game app which we call "ShibaShop".

The idea is to connect online shopping/outlets & brands to our NFT game and offer discounts on your favourite shopping items, which includes fashion, food, books and sports items to name a few.

We are the first meme project that aims to bring the MEME economy to reality by giving it a real life use case. And in order to achieve that, we are bringing Shiba & friends to real life, integrating communities and ecosystems, adding their special character to our AR ShibaShop.

Our AR Application brings worlds together. Connect Retail investors, NFTS, and shopping and will give users the ability to catch special NFT's and trade them for Points, to redeem Shopping vouchers with our big brand partners.

Catching our rare NFT's, which will have huge benefits in terms of monetary value, and can be sold on the open market, or traded.

We also have special NFT comics, and mini games that users can play to redeem voucher codes to the brands, that the special NFT's represent.

ShibaShop will be similar to PokemonGo and will act as a vehicle, in bringing real life non Crypto users into the space, by partnering with huge brands, and showcasing our application globally.