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Données des Prix du FLOKIPUP en Temps Réel

FlokiPup is the first project in the DeFi space that adopted Elon's pup as a meme and keeps adopting it as Elon posts pictures of his dog. The aim is to grow naturally alongside with Elon's pup as well a eveloping a P2E Metaverse game and a DEX.

FlokiPup is all about giving to the world and the community that evolves around it. Ever since launch the community has contributed to the growth. With every successful project utility needs to be attached to it. Currently FlokiPup is developing a P2E Metaverse game - an innovative idea that is used to help people in need where users can take care of their FlokiPup and earn FlokiPup tokens as a reward. This game also allows FlokiPup holders to interact with other users and showcase their FlokiPup NFT's in the Metaverse that is currently being built.

The FlokiPup team is also developing FlokiPup DEX where community members and external users can rely on a strong infrastructure to buy, sell, swap and pool tokens.