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À propos de Bifrost

What Is Bifrost (BFC)?

Bifrost is a multichain middleware platform that enables developers to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of multiple protocols. Not restrained to a single blockchain, Bifrost creates a new environment where developers can combine the best protocols to develop substantially more scalable and flexible DApps.

With Bifrost, developers can write smart contracts for multiple blockchain protocols in an unified environment. They simply select the target blockchain for each part of the code, then Bifrost will transpile, compile, and deploy the code into the target blockchains at once. Developers can also easily operate their DApps and even switch the target blockchain as new and better protocols become available.

Bifrost has multiple components that allow for a seamless connection among all blockchains:

  • Recipe: A language application that defines the programming language of Bifrost and generates smart contract codes with guaranteed code-level flexibility.
  • Linker: A system that connects the user and Bifrost components, ensuring the seamless operation on top of multiple blockchains.
  • Builder: An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers a customized environment to use the comprehensive suite of features of Bifrost.
  • Gourmet: An automated testing environment for Bifrost service and smart contract development, updating with the latest technologies for blockchain.
  • Scan: A dashboard that provides you with a full view of the internal process of Bifrost and shows your blockchain interconnectivity in diagram.

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