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XRoad deploys the decentralized infrastructure that is needed to serve as the intersection between blockchain technology and the world’s data. This is possible with XRoad Oracle, Decentralized storage, and the XRoad Locker for user-powered interoperability between the off-chain world and smart contracts, as well as for individual data self-sovereignty. The XRoad Initiative (XRI) operates a concept that allows for every business model in the real space to be reproduced in the virtual space through the combination of Oracle, scoring, and DAO technologies. By creating a unique Metaverse (a virtual space that is beyond reality), XRoad aims to realize an unprecedented world of digital services and products in Digital NFTs (towns, e-sports stadiums, etc.), Autonomous and decentralized (DAO) business schemes, and Various revenue models through various business schemes linking the real world and the virtual world. This concept will see the entire digital town will be NFT, each parcel can be bought and sold as NFT land (same concept as land), and each NFTed parcel will be granted a license for XRI-related family patents and infrastructure applications.