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WARC archie coin (WARC) is the wrapped version of ARC which is the native coin of our ArchieChain. We have been working on our Layer 1 Blockchain which is EVM Compatible and POS based. ArchieChain is very much needed to serve our purpose of using our own ArchieMetaverse. Lower gas fees and faster transaction are a few benefits to talk about. we are working on our blockchain, we always have to be realistic in business.

ArchieMetaverse consists of two islands totaling over 13000 acres. As I mentioned above, it will have almost everything that you see in your real world day-to-day. City Hall, all departments of government body (police/fire/ambulance/water/ park/toll/roads and bridges and so on). Along with all kinds of entertainment business on land and on water with cruise ship. We focused on more entertainment and gaming purpose and few real times service such as: meeting places. Convention centers. Technology and people's uses are outgrowing every day and we can always accommodate by adding more projects. We have minted 15000 Archie Neko NFTS and only assigned 9352 for current projects.

First part of our Archie Metaverse will be the Play-2- Earn section. As you all know the gaming and entertainment attracts Individuals and families to our Metaverse. We will have all types of games along with real life events in our Archie Metaverse. To name a few, Casino, raceway, shooting range, golf course, night clubs, Cruiseships, conventions center, marina and so on.

Second part of our Archie Metaverse is e- Commerce. When we mention e-Commerce, it is about retail establishments that people will be or already are using to buy things. Archie Realty will be our flagship project within ArchieMetaverse and outside here in the real world. The need of new homes that is up to the new technology using the highest energy efficient will be needing for our future generations


Archie Wallet - 3 FA wallet that will have safety and security in the first place. Archie Place - An NFT marketplace to be on Archie Chain and later on multi-Chain.


There are two NFTS connected to this token.

1.ArchieMetaNFT Even though it is directly connected to Archie Metaverse by being the avatar NFT of our Metaverse, we added this collection to Archie Token to build the value 2.WeCareKitty NFT These NFTS are created to help WecareKitty Project financially without hurting our chart or accepting donations from our holders.


Token Staking we are able to use dApp within our website to stake at least 100,000 Archie Tokens. NFT/Token Staking You are able to receive a higher APY if you hold more ArchieMeta NFT and staking minimum 100,000 archie tokens.