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What is Weecoins?

WeeCoins is a cryptocurrency in a nutshell. about 20,000 cryptocurrencies have been produced since Bitcoin was announced as the first cryptocurrency in 2009 to the present day. Crypto currency is a fully digital, encrypted, virtual currency that can be used in clearing operations. According to some, it is the currency of the future. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are a phenomenon that has been heard by many people, has attracted a lot of attention from everyone from heads of state to giant companies, and has a lot of unknowns. Cryptography is used to verify and securely perform clearing operations. It does not have any physical counterpart. Originally, the money spent and transferred with debit cards and credit cards is also virtual money, because as a result of these operations, only changes in system data occur. Crypto coins also have the same logical principle of operation. But there is a system that is not managed by any authority or government, that is, it is not centralized, which makes the system more secure. This whitepaper contains WeeCoins projects and goals…

Why Weecoins?

The value of cryptocurrencies, which are considered by many to be the new currency of our time, is growing more and more every day. New crypto coins are constantly being produced and new projects are being developed. toWeeCoins, which was founded in 2013 and has been serving 10 dec SMEs and hundreds of thousands of customers in 8 countries and 8 years, stands out among other coins with its innovative projects. At the same time, you can order all the products online, from grocery shopping to stationery, from technology to kitchen needs with WeeCoins (WCS), while projects such as SME – Customer – Dealer projects are being carried out. Using the WeeComi mobile application, you can collect points by playing games, solving tests, watching ads and exchange your points with WeeCoins. By making Weecoins Stakes, you can earn more WCS in the long term and secure your coin with the saving system. Let's look at these projects in detail…


Masternode is the network user who keeps an exact copy of the Blockchain in real time. He works continuously. Masternodes trade more efficiently compared to regular nodes. They increase transaction confidentiality and make instant transactions possible. Masternode allows users to use certain high-level functions. To put it simply, Masternodes are servers located on decentralized networks. Masternodes have special functions, unlike other standard Full Nodes. These functions are; Instant transfer is a unique function such as Special format transfer and direct transfer. Each Blockchain has its own masternodes with various features, advantages and disadvantages. From this point of view, the masternodes of two different blockchains cannot be similar to each other, and each system approaches the masternode differently.

E-Commerce in Weesale.shop

After many years of research, the use of crypto currency in E-Commerce came to life with WeeComi for the first time in Turkey. WeeSale.you can order many products online with Weecoins (WCS) on the shop website. Users are WeeSale.when they register at the shop address, they must first receive weecoins, as they can only pay with weecoins. December September 2021 - November 2021, our global E-cOmmerce system will be active, where Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT) will be available for purchase.

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