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36,000,000 VTUBE

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About VTube Token

What Is VTube Token (VTUBE)?

VTube Token is a dApp application platform built for virtual Youtubers, artists, and their fans. They offer a variety of services such as NFTs and Crypto donations, and make them easier to access.

VTUBE Token as of now is used for the following purposes:

  • Reducing fees in various tiers while donation to a VTuber
  • Use an single stake asset to farm NFTs
  • Combined with BNB pair in a liquidity farm to gain NFTs

VTUBE DApps include:

  • Donation DApp: A fully Streamlabs integrated donation platform that allows for streamers to receive donations directly using Crypto and get notifications on their live stream.
  • NFT Farm: We provide ways for VTubers to get royalties for their fanarts and for artists to have a safe platform for monetizing their work
  • wAIfu Projekt: Inspired by AI generated artwork by platforms like Google’s DeepDream, wAIfu Projekt leverages the power of General Adversarial Neural Networks to generate cute anime girls as NFTs

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