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TOMI Token is a decentralized coin that powers a unique ecosystem:

  • TomiSwap - DEX that will charge significantly lower fees to users than other exchanges (0.3% instead of 1%+)
  • Tomi Blockchain - a 2nd layer blockchain that will allow for the interoperation of different blockchains and assets including ERC20 tokens and reducing gas fees whilst speeding up transactions.
  • TomiFundMe - a platform that allows anyone with a market-changing business idea to promote their project and receive Tomi grants decided by Tomi holders’ votes.

Why Should You Buy TOMI?

  • TOMI is structured so everything collected is given back, with no purpose of profit, as opposed to the vast majority of crypto projects out there that are making money for their founders.
  • TOMI has something for everyone - from users to liquidity providers, to regular people looking for the next moonshot.
  • All Tomi activities are transparent and can be proof checked.
  • TOMI team will be compensating participants by organizing fantastic contests and giveaways. Requirements for the participants are minimal, and the prizes are huge!
  • TOMI is unique in many ways - one of them is its pre-sale organization: They created 3 different NFTs serving as tickets for 3 presale rounds (1,500 copies of each, totalling 4,500 NFTs) that were launched on Opensea. During this sale, TOMI collected 441 ETH that have been used to purchase Tomi during the token sale. The full balance was burned, making Tomi even more rare and higher in price.

How to Buy TOMI:

TOMI Token is launched on the Polygon Network through Sushiswap due to the high gas fees on the ETH network. Polygon is a 2nd layer of the ETH network, which means all tokens on Polygon can be transferred to ETH network as the user sees fit.

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TOMI - What Does it Mean?

TOMI (富) is a Japanese term for wealth - wealth as the true symbol of status, portrayed by the ability to have a steady cash flow whilst sleeping. It often transcends the concept of having money, and focuses on sharing to create rewarding outcomes for all.