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TKMN Price Live Data

Tokemon is a configurable trading insight bot which allows the user to choose various metrics, regarding select ERC20 tokens, for which they will get notifications about.

The insights derived from the specified metrics are delivered right to your telegram inbox—users can even specify the delivery interval! Just sit back and get notified when a token was created, it's price moves up or down meaningfully, or a token reached a price level you preset. You can even receive notifications when a wallet you're following makes an action!

Tokemon can also be set to follow your favorite telegram channels, or famous twitter handles, and notify you when specified information is out there.

With Tokemon, you can sleep and trade—just preset buy/sell orders, or activate trailing sell/buy on your volatile tokens. Actually, you can set a trade based on signals for any of the notifications and metrics Tokemon calculates. Imagine, you can buy a token in a second after it's shilled in a Telegram channel. Also, users can use our composite bots to ape safely : to sell or buy in batches, at predefined price. Lastly, and we hope not least, control everything Tokemon related through telegram—imagine saying to your bot on Telegram - "hey buy me some tokens please" & it being executed without ever opening Uniswap yourself.