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What is Stader?

Stader is a smart contract platform started in Apr’21 that is created to help delegators conveniently discover staking solutions and get access to the best yields based on their risk preference.

In 3-5 years the crypto world will have 100s of blockchains/ownership networks across L1s, NFTS, Games, Web3’s & L2s. PoS and Staking will be the fundamental layer that powers these blockchains.Trillions of dollars of staking economy will be built on staking.

As staking solutions explode in variety and complexity, there will emerge a major gap in the market i.e. a platform that helps users/ institutions discover and identify the best staking opportunity that suits their needs and risk profiles.The gap will be bridged by a smart-contract based non-custodial platform and Stader aspires to be aggregation layer across multiple blockchain networks.

Stader token (SD) will power major services on the Stader platform with four major utilities:

*Listed validators to stake SD tokens to get proportional delegations *Insurance against slashing *Third parties looking to build strategies/ games on top of staked assets *Governance

What makes Stader unique?

Stader team has been deeply assessing the major problems faced by the 3 key stakeholders of the PoS ecosystems i.e. Delegators, Networks, Validators. Stader is taking a unique platform approach to add value to ecosystem stakeholders.

Delegators - Providing easy discovery, better choice, convenience and higher returns/ better yield strategies across various segments. Creating multiple validator indices and offering a safe and convenient way to stake with them in 1-click. Adding insurance and value added services on top.

Networks - Encouraging their de-centralisation agenda as this will be a key differentiator for networks in the long run

Nodes - Helping upcoming, mid-sized high performing nodes the visibility and right delegations

Stader wants to create multiple structured products on top of staking, aggregate all types of staking products — becoming the default distribution layer for staking across retail and business user segments for various blockchains.

Stader Roadmap

Stader started their journey by creating staking products on Terra. Stader aims to cover five to six PoS blockchains by mid-2022— including Near, Polkadot, Ethereum, Polygin, and more, while integrating third-party liquid tokens and building automated yield-maximisation strategies

In the long run, Stader Labs plans to build APIs to offer end-to-end staking solutions for exchanges and mainstream fintech apps, tapping into an underserved financial demand for high-quality staking products among retail crypto investors.