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Buying Shinomics

Shinomics have an elaborate four steps buying process, one that has been described by reviewers as the simplest in the market. An investor needs to download Trustwallet or Metamask; two apps that are widely used in the DeFi Market. Developers of the token recommend downloading the Metamask for its convenience while warning the investors not to share their seed phrase. The next step in the Shinomics buying process involves purchasing BNB or Binance Smart Chain to fund the wallet. After funding the wallet, the investor is required to visit Pancakeswap. finance/swap, while here the user can swap BNB with Shinomics.


Rewards are given automatically every thirty minutes; investors are not required to claim it. This is the real definition of passive income, where an investor earns money by simply no effort on their side.

Confidence to investors

To safeguard the investors from Rug pull, the industry normally requires a token’s liquidity pooled for a considerable time. Shinomics liquidity is locked for three months with a promise of further extension once the period lapses. The liquidity of Shinomics is further strengthened by the automatic Liquidity Pool where four percent of each transaction is transferred to LP. Apart from giving investors confidence locking the Liquidity pool for Shinomics will give the token adequate time to grow.


The token has an ambitious plan, it is not just planning to stay as a meme token. It is looking to develop and include more features and products that investors and users can gain from. The plans include the launching of the first NFT cards, and mobile game development during phase three. There are also plans to build a partnership, launch big promotions including NFT card giveaway as well as brand Shinomics. In phase four, Shinomics developers are planning to launch Beta Game, conduct the second audit with Cetrik, carry out a website redesign and publish the mobile game. There is also a ShinSwap that is scheduled to launch soon. Reviews have described the token as highly promising based on its performance in the market a few days after its launch as well as the planned features.

The team behind Shinomics

According to crypto token analysts, one of the factors that investors look at while selecting a token to invest in is the team behind its development. The analyst points out that the team needs to be well experienced in blockchain as well as running the token. Shinomics as pointed out by its developers meet this threshold. Behind Shinomics is an experienced team that prides itself on the knowledge that is required to build a successful project. The team has mobile core developers with loads of experience in the field.

The token’s audit

TechRate, a company that specializes in free smart contract checks performed an audit of Shinomics smart contract where it sought to ascertain whether it was functioning as intended as well as identify potential security issues. From this audit, the token passed in all the 21 issues that were checked including compiler errors, possible delays in data delivery, front running, timestamp dependence, integer overflow and underflow, methods execution permissions, Oracle calls, design logic, fallback function security, and malicious event log among others. A second audit is scheduled during Phase 4 of the project development. It will be conducted by Cetrik, a leading security-based ranking platform that analyses and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.