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What is Scoobi Doge?

It's a community driven story comic NFT project combined to a play to earn gaming project, The Scoobiverse. These comic books follows the adventure of Scoobi Doge our mascot into his crypto quest meeting various well known characters. Each page and each comic book have a limited version, which is gold and silver, and are linked to NFTs. The full comic books have also a gold and a silver version, which are coupled with a limited amount of NFTs. There is a purple edition which is unlimited and not linked to any NFT, these purple edition will be sold in physical and virtual stores everywhere in the world and revenue generated through that stream will be used to develop the project over time. We will release 2 to 4 act per year.

How to get the NFTs?

Some of these NFT will be airdropped to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag. They need to hold a minimum of 10M $SCooBi and weight of each holder is calculated by a custom-made algo which is taking in account amount of Scoobi held on each chain, the LP provided (which gives even more boost to the weight) and the amount of time holding those tokens. The calculation is the total amount bought multiplied by the amount of hours that you have held them.

What about the Scoobiverse?

End game, if we get enough revenue to achieve it, would be to have a turn-based card game where you will be able to play with each episodes. Not a simple card game because these NFT episodes (cards) will give you a combo of several spells and attacks based on the amount and the type of characters, panels and scene that are represented in that episode.

At that moment we might add a multiplying system and a second token which will be generated by players to create a play to earn ecosystem with those NFT, an Axie-like economic system. Each battle will happen on the land owned by a Scoobi Land holder, therefore he will earn a percentage of all tokens generated through it. For the First phase only 320 of those very unique Scoobi Land parcel are available. For time being, concerning the other part of the gaming sphere, we are working on making all Scoobi NFTs available to Scoobi NFT owner in our Minecraft server and Sandbox lands.