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About School Hack Coin

What Is School Hack? School Hack is an innovative educational platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide personalized, accessible learning experiences. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, School Hack aims to democratize education, making high-quality learning resources available to students worldwide at an affordable cost.

School Hack Token (SHC) Usage: SHC is the native utility token that is used for:

Accessing advanced AI-powered educational tools within the School Hack app. Purchasing credits – $1 worth of SHC buys 100 credits, which can be used to utilize the latest language models and other learning resources. Staking SHC tokens to earn rewards and participate in the governance of the platform, influencing future development and resource allocation. Incentivizing community participation and engagement through rewards for contributions such as content creation and peer support. School Hack Tools Include: School Hack App: A central hub where users can access learning modules, manage their progress, and interact with AI tools. INTE-AGENT Platform: An AI assistant available to SHC holders for tasks such as summarizing emails, checking market sentiments, and more, enhancing both learning and professional productivity. School Hack Wallet: Allows for the secure storage and transaction of SHC tokens within the ecosystem. School Hack Explorer: Helps users and developers understand engagement metrics and system performance, ensuring transparency. Developer SDKs: Facilitate the integration of School Hack’s AI and blockchain technologies into third-party educational platforms and apps. How Many SHC Tokens Are There in Circulation? School Hack launched its token ecosystem with a fixed supply of 500 million SHC tokens. Unlike traditional tokens, there is no annual issuance; instead, a burning mechanism is employed to reduce token supply periodically, aligning with platform engagement and growth, thereby supporting token value and ecosystem sustainability.

Who Are the Founders of School Hack? School Hack was co-founded by a team of experts passionate about leveraging technology to enhance educational access:

CEO/Founder: Muhammed Khalid, a visionary with extensive experience in tech startups. COO/Co-Founder: Youssef Youssef, an expert in operations and management. CSO/Co-Founder: Kayaan Unwalla, who brings a wealth of strategy development expertise. CTO: Hamid Ladan, leading the technological development with a deep background in AI and blockchain. CMO: Ishaan, who oversees marketing strategies. Web3 Dev: Yann, specializing in blockchain integration. Advisors: Talal Tabba, Alex Scott, and Abbas Ahmed, each bringing unique insights from tech, finance, and education sectors. Where Can I Use School Hack Coin (SHC)? SHC can be utilized within the School Hack platform, accessible globally where users can download the School Hack app, participate in the ecosystem, and engage with community-driven educational content. The token is designed to be the backbone of transaction and reward systems within the School Hack app, ensuring that users worldwide can access and benefit from the platform’s resources.

For those looking to acquire SHC, information about exchanges and trading pairs will be available on CoinStore and communicated through our official Telegram and Discord channels.

Embarking on a mission to reshape the educational landscape, School Hack stands at the forefront of technological innovation in education, making learning more personalized, engaging, and accessible to everyone, everywhere.