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200,000,000 PPT
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Jan 18, 2024 (a month ago)
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Dec 17, 2023 (2 months ago)
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About Pop Social

Through democratizing content ownership and powering the AI creator economy, Pop will bridge the gap between traditional social media and the Web3 shared social experience to bring the next billion users to Web3. Pop Social is your AI-Powered Social Gateway to Web3. The platform will play a fundamental role in the future of creativity, empowering both creators and users on its platform by rewarding them with Pop Tokens for actively engaging with the app. Pop will redefine how we interact with one another by bringing a new approach to social media and elevating the global push toward social decentralization. Pop creates a unified social identity SBT for users through its Chain Agnostic Social Identities, bridging fragmented centralized identities from traditional platforms and technical Web3 protocols to unite decentralized global communities. Traditional social media platforms have built up the creator economy over the years and helped to empower the previous generation of creators; however many glaring problems still remain. Pop targets the pain points of both content creators and social media users to turbocharge the next generation of creators. Content creators face three major problems, equitable monetization, ownership of content and accessibility of organic engagement. Social media platforms’ primary revenue drivers are advertising and monetization of user data. On traditional platforms, most of this value goes directly to shareholders of the company rather than creators and users who actually helped to create the value. Through tokenization, NFTs and our social engagement mechanism, Pop aims to distribute value to those who actually create value for the platform and drive the network effects in the first place. The Pop Token acts as a catalyst for ecosystem interaction and adoption, creating a flywheel effect for platform traction and building a deeper level of engagement between creators and users. In addition, on traditional platforms content creators may not see their first dollar in earnings for at least 6 months of full time work due to minimum thresholds for payment and lack of competitive advantage in the attention economy. On Pop, creators can start earning tokens from day one without meeting arbitrary thresholds for followers or revenue payouts. Pop also optimizes the engagement algorithm so content that is trending and receives high engagement will be pushed on the platform allowing for organic growth and discovery for even new and smaller creators.

Pop also solves a major problem related to content ownership for creators. On legacy platforms, the content created by a user is stored on a centralized exchange and one’s social profile rights are owned by the platform rather than the user. All Pop creators will be able to experience true content ownership as the platform will store creator content on decentralized cloud storage through the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and Binance Greenfield. This protects the privacy of creators as well as makes the content more censorship-resistant, and helps to secure content ownership. Creators can then monetize their content, bring it across different platforms and even transfer royalty rights to other users. Everyone on Pop will also be given a digital social identity that records unique social achievements and statistics for users on the blockchain.

The Pop platform’s revenue drivers consist of the following: Ad revenue, Secondary marketplace NFT royalties, Subscription NFT Mint fees, Content NFT Mint Sales, POP marketplace NFT transaction fees, Fiat onramp partnership fees, Creator crowd-funding platform fees. The platform’s monetization strategy is poised to leverage the power of tokenization, as it enables a seamless exchange of value between creators, content consumers, and advertisers. With the growing number of creators joining the platform and an increasing user base, the initial value of the ecosystem is bound to soar. Moreover, by integrating our ecosystem with external parties, partners, and other social networks, creators will be able to monetize their content within the Pop App platform and across 3rd parties. This innovative approach to monetization is set to revolutionize how content is produced and distributed, making it a win-win for all stakeholders involved. In addition, Pop platform revenue is also backed through Adtech, which has a proven track record of sustainable monetization both in traditional platforms and Web3. Pop will transform users’ perspective of ads by fundamentally changing the relationship between users and advertisers. Pop users will see advertisements as a reward and opportunity to earn extra tokens rather than an unavoidable penalty for using the platform.