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An A.I. and Algorithm based trading bot, Dividend/Profit sharing model for holders and early believer’s and wide range of tools to help you navigate through the DEFI and Conventional Markets.

PIB is an ecosystem of trading algorithms, bots and market trackers which is based on Artificial Intelligence and a touch of top human traders.

Having a firm belief that trading is analyzing the patterns, our algorithms using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms analyze vast amount of data on charts as well as chatter in social media.

Combining those along with our strategies the algorithms using a scientific approach predict market direction, volatility and generate trading setups with highest accuracy.

With working product available from Day 1 and more in pipeline, you won’t have to wait for anything at all like others where promises are made but never fulfilled

PIB Passive Income


The PIB CEX algorithm Vault opens on 1st of each month and it accept only 100 PIB holders.

Completely First Come First Serve rule. You don’t need to deposit any fiat. Just have to hold your PIB with us.

Each month PIB Crypto Trading bot will trade Bitcoin with 12% of the funds raised after Uniswap Liquidity lock and share the dividend profit to PIB holders.

PIB in built cutting edge algorithm has a month on month success rate of more than 15-25% profit (Check Report). So be ready on 1st of each month and reap profit on last of the month!

Participation in CEX algorithm profit dividend is completely voluntary and no fiat deposit is needed. It’s a way to express our gratitude to our patron and believers

B. PIB UNISWAP TRADING BOT We have developed Uniswap trading bot which is ready to be used with these features

✓ Limit orders ✓ Approve token before listing ✓ Instant buy and sell ✓ More features to be added in future

We are also working on auto buy and sell sript which will be integrated in PIB Uniswap bot. The script auto buys and sells when there is signal. Alpha stage! You have to do absolutely nothing to earn eth. Just choose your coin you want to run the script and let the bot print ETH!

C. PIB PANCAKESWAP TRADING BOT Yet to be released please check roadmap